5 Powerful Tips to Market Your Online Business Offline

Most online business owners never really get to market their businesses offline. This area is completely ignored by the majority of them, and if you fall into this category it’s a serious problem. You are losing out on tons of prospects, which is usually because it’s outside the normal comfort zone. However, in order to maximize your earnings it’s an essential part of the process. Some options are free while others need a little investment, but the tips you find below can all be successful. Just think of offline marketing the same way you promote your business online. Take the time to network to people who would purchase your service, take your class, or even buy your eBook.Direct Mail- One of the most popular ways to deliver a business message offline has been through direct mail. We see companies do this all the time, and it can be an inexpensive approach. In order to stay within your budget; head down to the United States Postal Service and ask questions about their automated services for sending out post cards. It gives you an opportunity to get in front of people and have your contact information handy for them. Just remember that this approach is a statistical one. You aren’t actually catering to your niche’s market, unless you know where your targeted audience lives.Magazine Ads- We’ve all received a magazine with ads in our mailbox. Companies sell advertising spaces to individuals who want to market their business offline. However, there are several magazines that give you the opportunity to purchase ad space. The best thing to do is find one that surrounds your particular niche. These individuals will be more likely to make a purchase, which means you’re spending your money more effectively. Listen; don’t believe the myth that online businesses can only use online marketing avenues. You can get great results from offline avenues like magazine ads.Picking a Magazine- Like we said earlier; picking a magazine that caters to your market is crucial. Once you have a good handle on where you plan to place the advertisement it’s important to consider the approach. Will you utilize a traditional advertisement? Would you like an informative article or featured story to be the selection? It all depends on your niche. For instance; if your audience focuses around stay-at-home-moms then find a magazine that moms like this actually read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be business related in order for you to see prospects coming in throughout the month.Newspapers- Even though the online world has crippled offline newspapers, there are still benefits to advertising in them. The classified section would be an obvious choice, but in most cases people have to go find you. If the extra money is in your budget then focus on a different section of the paper. Another downfall is that you’re only promoting your business locally. However, if you take the time to translate the advertisement then you can utilize papers from all around the world. So don’t limit yourself unless it’s absolutely necessary.Press Releases- When it comes to free methods, press releases are one of the last options out there. Sure you can use online services to do this, but it’s also available offline. We actually recommend purchasing a list of people to send your press release to in order to find the right market. Keep in mind; if you outsource this work there are several companies who use the “noodle stick” method. This is where they just throw it out there and see if it sticks to anything. This is definitely not a good way to send out a press release, so make sure you study the market. The goal is to get any of these offline marketing methods into the right hands.